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kaleidescope2Welcome to my personal website in which I introduce myself to you from all angles that are important to me. There are many sides to me, and I wanted to try to build a single website where I could reflect myself to you as the totality of sides that represent the whole of who I am (which is not an easy challenge but it matters to me to try to do it). I am generally a business/marketing/sales/communications/management/HR/IT/operations professional by trade — or at least, I used to think (in my 20’s and early 30’s) that’s what I was. I have a core set of “office” skills that I can bring to any endeavor. But, much more authentically and more importantly to me, I am a writer and a philosopher, a social visionary, a nonprofit entrepreneur and organizational strategist, and a grassroots community-builder. I am also holistic caregiver and helper, and a religious/philosophical pluralist with a deep instinct to unify the world’s religions, scientific frameworks, practical philosophies and wisdom traditions in my own life and in the lives of people around me. I aspire toward creating a foundational synthetic framework of pratical philosophy and wisdom for the future of a diverse yet interconnected society. This goal is probably the most important driving impulse in my life as a whole. I also am a person of mixed social and cultural identity, and I care deeply about my family and family history. I wanted all of the aspects of who I am to be reflected publicly in one central place, so that the person who I am — the skills, values, experiences and personality which I am bringing to any new relationship, and the different aspects that all intersect in my career and my personal life journey — is clear and transparent to anyone who wishes to know me better.

Thank you for visiting my personal “homebase” website. I hope you enjoy your visit here.

All kinds of best wishes (blessings, prayers, hugs, regards, cheers, salutations and love),




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